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Finding Balance Through Mindfulness

A program for purposeful leaders

An effective leader is self-aware: they understand how their mind and emotions work. They also strive to understand the skills, attributes and attitudes of each team member. A mindful way of life is a leadership imperative. It enables you to manage your fears, anxieties and anger, especially when tough actions must be taken. Learn how the mind and brain work to create emotion, and gain the tools and techniques to regulate emotions as you manage and lead within an organization.

In-person: 1 day OR
Virtual: 2 x 2.5-hour sessions

Target Audience:
Board members, executives, senior managers, line managers, project team leaders, and project team members

Training Objectives:

Understand the difference between managing and leading
Mindfulness tools to skilfully manage emotions, the mind and stress when encountering difficult situations and people
Emotional intelligence – self-esteem, relationship with self and others
Practical ways to deal with stress using the breath and meditation for self-awareness and emotional regulation
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