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About Us - Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership

About Us

About the Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership

The Bonar Institute is a boutique professional leadership firm. We offer a broad range of leading-edge coaching, training, and mentoring programs and a tailor-made approach to partnering in your success.

Dr. James de Gaspé Bonar founded the Bonar Institute in 2014 to promote the highest standards of excellence in corporate and public sector leadership. James and his team are committed to assisting executives to see beyond the ordinary, to identify new possibilities, and embrace the extraordinary for themselves and the organizations they lead.

Our Core Commitment

The higher good of all stakeholders: clients, shareholders, team members, vendors, community, and the environment

Our Core Values

Client-focused professionalism, confidentiality, responsiveness, authenticity, respectfulness, and social responsibility

Our Passion


    Empower our clients to thrive, not just survive


    Develop confident and flexible leaders who excel in navigating organizational change during times of disruption

    In a world of endless change, we believe human and organizational potential can be catalyzed with shared effort and professional consultation. Our value model provides access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts and tools that lead to actionable insights. We listen, assess, activate, and generate a roadmap for optimal performance.

    About our Logo

    Honouring the past, present, and future, our logo uses the image of a shield to convey a strong sense of tradition. The shield contains symbols of stars, compass, book and k’un to convey concepts which have inspired humanity to reach for something greater than themselves.

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