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Leadership Blog

News and insights for your purposeful leadership journey. This blog is updated regularly by our multi-disciplinary team of coaches, trainers and mentors. 

Remember You Are Mortal

Ancient Rome celebrated military success with civil and religious ceremonies called “Triumphs.” During these celebrations, the conquering general, wearing special red garments, paraded through the city. Behind him were carried the spoils of the conquest, captives from the war, and the...

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Purposeful Directors, Purposeful Board

Governance is too often focused on compliance, but good governance results from a board's ability to make the best decisions possible on behalf of the organization and its stakeholders, given the best information available. Boards do not run the company, but they set the tone and should be helping...

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Road to Clarity

Let me invite you to take a short break in your busy day to embark on your personal road to Clarity. Most people will carve out time for a coaching session with their heads full of various problems, concerns, and gigantic “to-do” lists. Yet they lack the clarity needed to focus on what matters. If...

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Stress gets in the way of Good Leadership

Awareness of stress and how it manifests in the mind and body is crucial for organizational leaders. Ignoring it can lead to diminishing returns both mentally and physically. Stressed, leaders can lose mental focus and become ill-tempered leading to tension in the organization. It can spiral out...

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What makes work attractive to people?

"Human beings are “symbolizing, conceptualizing, meaning-seeking animals," – Clifford Geertz The disconnection between employee aspirations to work and what they really experience at work is being increasingly voiced by their quest for destiny of preferred work and workplaces. This forces managers...

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Spirituality and Purposeful Leadership

Neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor in her new book Whole Brain Living says that most of humanity who live urban lives are stuck in the left brain. This results in linear, mechanistic thinking in the past and future tense, structured, certain, analytical, detail oriented, seeks differences, happy to...

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