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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

From game-changing technology to COVID-19, disruptive change has added new levels of complexity in the workplace. The nature of work is radically changing, and leaders need to change their approach to ensure their team is engaged and mobilized. Gain the knowledge and skills to build and sustain a high-performing culture that thrives through challenges and change.

In-person: 1.5 days OR
Virtual: 3 X 2.5-hour sessions

Target Audience:
Board members, executives, senior managers, line managers, project team leaders, and project team members

Training Objectives:

Recognize what diversity is and how culture shapes the workplace
Identify how stereotypes shape our perception
Develop useful cross-cultural attitudes
Communicate effectively across cultures
Promote acceptance and awareness in your organization to help create a multicultural environment
Learn mindfulness, emotional intelligence and purposeful leadership tools to manage conditioned emotions influenced by preconceived ideas, biases and prejudices