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Creating a Coaching Mindset in Your Organization

Effective coaching and timely feedback drive improved performance and better results. It’s an essential skill for every purposeful leader. This highly interactive program focuses on creating a coaching mindset. You will gain new skills that enhance your ability to provide feedback and coaching that actually works. Explore opportunities to incorporate impactful coaching moments into any work situation or conversation. Participants are asked to complete a one-week time study and bring the results to the session.

In-person: ½ day OR
Virtual: 2.5-hour session

Target Audience:
Leaders of teams, departments and organizations

Training Objectives:

Engage in powerful, emotionally intelligent and purposeful conversations that:

Enhance performance
Guide development
Increase performance

Develop high-performance leadership skills by:

Promoting effective feedback
Facilitating positive paradigm shift: empathy, flexibility, openness and resilience, leading to better decisions
Empowering autonomy and accountability to drive impactful results
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