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Purposeful Directors, Purposeful Boards

Serving as a Director on an organization’s Board of Directors is an honour. It can be rewarding and challenging. It provides the opportunity to influence outcomes for many different stakeholders. But these rewards come with risk, sometimes obvious, though often conspicuous and disguised as opportunities.  This is exasperated by the hyper-charged scope and pace of change that is unparalleled in human history.


    The Bonar Institute has created a modular learning format that breaks down the key components of purposeful leadership for Boards and Directors. This format maximizes learning opportunities by leveraging real life examples and scenarios through active discussion. This program is unique in that it focuses not on the board as a whole or general governance, but rather on developing the individual director as a “purposeful leader” with the knowledge and tools to help their organizations enhance value creation and preservation.

    The main objective of the program is to deep dive into the context from which a Director and a Board must understand to have a positive impact by acting as effective stewards of the organization; learn the skills required for Directors and Boards to manage change and balance culture with performance; understand the importance of self-awareness; and defining a vision for their respective boards.


    Elliot S. Schreiber, Ph.D.

    Elliot S. Schreiber, Ph.D.

    • Top 50 Governance Professional (NACD 2023 Director 100 Awards)
    • Top 50 Global Thought Leader in Risk Management (Thinkers360)
    • Advisor to CEOs and Boards in stakeholder value creation and risk mitigation.
    • Author: The Ying & Yang of Reputation Management: Eight Principles for Strategic Stakeholder Value Creation and Risk Management
    • Member of Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership’s Advisory Board; Advisor, Enlightened Enterprise Institute. Member of Private Directors Association®

    Elliot has had a highly successful 40+ year career as a corporate executives at three global companies, as managing partner of an international consulting firm, and a professor in both the US and Canada. He was co-founder of Canada’s Directors College in 2003. Elliot is on a mission to help boards and CEOs of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, to recognize that long-term profitability shareholder value only results when the organization creates differentiated value for employees and customers; and that in a polarized society, organizations must understand their stakeholder expectations and risk tolerances and the interactions (externalities) to create value and mitigate primary and secondary risks. He has international experience working with organizations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.

    John W. Barker, JD, CCEP, CHPC, CHRC, CHC

    John W. Barker, JD, CCEP, CHPC, CHRC, CHC

    VP, Strategic Planning & Thought Leadership

    • Board Member
    • AI: Legal & Regulatory Innovation, Strategy, Compliance & Ethics, Governance, Digital Identity, Data Privacy; Responsible AI
    • Member of Virtual Advisory Board and Private Directors Association
    • Member of National Cybersecurity Board Governance Committee, Private Directors Association
    • Member of the Senior Management Team

    John is a thought leader and consultant who delivers impactful and actionable client insights and advice in these times of existential disruptions in local, national, and global economies, as well as society at large. Highly respected consultant with a track record of supporting multicultural management teams in startups and large and middle-sized organizations in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East in adapting to major disruptions.

    James (de Gaspé) Bonar, Ph.D, PCC

    James (de Gaspé) Bonar, Ph.D, PCC

    CEO & Founder, Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc.

    • Strategic advisor, consultant & trusted coach enabling high-growth companies to optimize their executive talent through purposeful leadership.
    • Member of Virtual Advisory Board (VAB)

    James has over 30 years of experience in Canada and the United States as a senior executive in business and the non-profit sector and as a management consultant and professional executive coach. He has particular insight into the human dynamics underlying practical business situations. He formed the Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership to empower other senior executives to become impactful and purposeful leaders. James assists executives to lead with purpose and to successfully navigate disruptive change in a VUCA world.

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