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Priority Time Management in a World of Disruption

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Unparalleled disruptions are a hallmark of the world today. How can we meet urgent and previously unknown priorities that seem to exceed our capacity to manage? Successful leaders look beyond immediate crises and avoid activities that distract from longer-term goals. They understand that time to strategize, create and execute is their most precious asset. Gain the knowledge and tools to control your time and sharpen your focus.

Participants are asked to complete a one-week time study and bring the results to the session.

In-person: 1 day OR
Virtual: 2 x 2.5-hour sessions

Target Audience:
Board members, executives, senior managers, line managers, project team leaders, and project team members

Training Objectives:

Learn proven techniques to regain control of your time
Achieve stronger results with less stress
Be seen as a productive and effective leader within your organization
Become more grounded and focused
Gain peace of mind
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