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Bonar Institute: Carpe Diem, Carpe Futurum - Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership

The pace and scope of change  are unprecedented in human history.The nature of business, of work, is changing radically.

Established in Ottawa, Canada, the Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc. is a dynamic and innovative advisory firm that enables executives to excel in managing disruptive change through purposeful leadership.

What is purposeful leadership?

We define purposeful leadership as a moral choice principled leaders make to achieve something greater than themselves and the companies that they lead. The Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership empowers clients with tailored practical advisements, courses, and curriculum-based training. Our multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual team of expert strategic advisors, trainers, executive coaches, and mentors serve corporate, government and non-profit clients across North America and beyond.

In 2022, we completed the following generative elements of our strategic growth plan:

Creation of proprietary IP

Developed and delivered our Foundations of Purposeful Leadership for Management program in Q 2, 2022. “It exceeded expectations” – CEO & Board Chair, client.

Advisory Board

Created our blue-ribbon advisory board composed of Christine Wzorek, SPHR and CEO of White Label Advisors, Inc (Chair); Elliot S. Schreiber, Ph.D., Author, The Ying and Yang of Reputational Risk Management; Mike Pickering, Founding Partner Best Practices Learning Solutions, Inc.; James de Gaspé Bonar, Ph.D., PCC, Founder & President, Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership, Inc.; John W. Barker, JD, CCEP, CHC, CHPC, Senior Director, Thought Leadership & Board Programs, Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership, Inc.

Integrative Partnership LOI

Entered into a Letter of Intent with White Label Advisors Inc. last November for an integrative partnership over the next three years. We share with White Label Advisors a common vision to optimize executive talent through purposeful leadership. Our offerings are highly complementary, and our core values are in complete alignment. Each company is strong individually, together we are formidable.

Enhanced Corporate Image/Presence

  • Enhanced and relaunched The Bonar Bulletin in its current interactive format.
  • Also launched the highly successful monthly Bonar Institute Webinar Series on important topics for senior executives and boards. The series is hosted by John W. Barker, Senior Director, Bonar Institute.
  • Member of the Ottawa Board of Trade
  • Invited member of the Virtual Advisory Board (VAB). VAB is a community of highly experienced, executive-level talent from 50+ countries representing over 100 industry sectors.

Revenue Growth

Year-over-year (YoY) revenues grew in 2022 by 250%

High Expectations for 2023 (Forecasting).  

We will continue to expand our proprietary IP with the launch of two new programs: First, in Q1,we will release our second Flagship Leadership program entitled: Purposeful Directors, Purposeful Board; and, in late Q3/early Q4, we will launch a program dealing with organizational diagnosis and impact.

We will pursue diligently our integrative partnership with White Label Advisors, Inc.

 We are exploring promising new growth opportunities in select international markets.

To quote the Chair of our Advisory Board: “Carpe Diem, Carpe Futurum!” We are empowering our clients to excel in navigating disruptive change and to prosper, not just survive.

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