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Issue: The breadth and depth of risks facing businesses cannot be overstated. Seismic disruptions resulting from technological innovation and the instantaneous dissemination of data and information are transforming economies. Interconnectivity results in today’s crises being truly global – with no country or market spared. The nature of work itself has been dramatically changed due to novel critical risks facing organizations. 

Mitigating Strategies: What mitigating strategies work best? Finding the right answer is critical to an organization’s survival and ultimately its ability to thrive.

The acquisition and application of practical decision-making skills matter now more than ever. An organization’s current situation is largely the result of key decisions taken 24 to 36 months ago, so it is imperative that the right decisions be made each step of the way. 

A Way Forward: In a world where change is the only constant, we believe human and organization potential can be catalyzed through shared effort and professional consultation. 

Since our founding in 2014, the Bonar Institute has partnered with diverse and often repeat clients (65%). We have found in our work with leaders that skills are often more important than credentials in managing sudden crises and transformation. Organizations need to respond effectively to monumental, unforeseen disruptions and adapt to novel and evolving challenges. It starts at the top. Leaders must reinvent themselves first, then their organizations. This is not an option. The time to act is now. 

Highly Personalized and Nimble Programs: Clients chose from a suite of personalized services that are interwoven in the process of the client journey (the “science”) and the art of listening to provide clients with actionable counsel to meet objectives. We listen, assess, activate, and develop a roadmap for optimal performance. We offer consulting, training, learning tools, leading-edge webinars, and leadership and executive coaching & mentoring. Our services are infused with emotional intelligence to support leaders as they reinvent themselves and their organizations.

The Bonar Institute’s High-Touch & Multi-Disciplinary Approach:

The Bonar Institute is a privately held boutique professional leadership firm, which specializes in providing tailored, nimble, intimate, and high-touch approaches to partnering with our clients. Typically our clients are executives of smaller to middle-sized forward-looking organizations. While most of our clients are based in North America, our reach is global. The Bonar Institute’s clients are exacting and successful. Our value model is underpinned by providing clients with access to a multi-disciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual team of experts who apply both the science and art that is required to identify actionable insights. Our passion is developing confident and flexible leaders who excel in navigating organizational change during times of disruption. 

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