" Having just read the March 4 2018 post "Between jobs? Now what?", I thought how beneficial James would be in helping anyone in that position. In my opinion, he has a skill in those elements he describes in "deep coaching", and could be very beneficial to those that are still between jobs and haven't found that next landing pad yet. "

Warren Meek

" James conducted his coaching with me over the phone, due to geography. I was at first rather skeptical that it would be successful. However, it proved to be as rich an experience as in-person coaching would have been. James' listening skills are amazing. He smoothly facilitates the conversation by asking focused, probing questions, highlighting convergences and contradictions when appropriate. I also found his insights to be smart and respectful. I have no hesitation in recommending James' services. "

François Bourgeois, CEO, Transformation, Innovation, Performance

" Dr. James Bonar is a gifted coach and mentor. He brings to his work a wealth of perspectives and insights garnered through his many years of executive leadership and a grounding in the realities of current business culture. He works with compassion and purpose in supporting his clients’ growth while helping them maintain focus on their goals. Dr. Bonar’s philosophy and techniques assist his clients in making subtle and achievable shifts that often yield ground-breaking personal insights and business outcomes. While assisting his clients as they navigate complex challenges, he supports them in the co-creation of novel solutions. In a world of seemingly endless promotional hype, Dr. Bonar, with his authentic style coupled with his aspirational coaching methodology is a refreshing addition to the executive coaching arena. Clients who commit to working with Dr. Bonar will find the experience to be a transformative one – for both themselves and their businesses. "

Senior Health Executive

" Value, insight and clarity. Effective and practical. I felt James heard and understood my challenges and treated the whole conversation with respect. I could have spent a whole day soul searching to get that kind of clarity, and I got it in one focussed session! I strongly recommend James as an executive coach. "

Warren Meek, President, C7 Consulting Limited
Nova Scotia

" James' coaching is motivational. He helped me confront a significant professional challenge, and to identify what I actually deserve rather than dwelling on where I was stuck. I found that I had viable options, and that I could choose to move forward. Very useful! I recommend James as an executive coach without reservation! "

John Barker, Vice-President, Strategy & Competitive Intelligence, Large multinational corporation

" During the time that James coached me, he created a comfortable and confidential environment where we were able to explore together a business challenge that I felt needed to be addressed. In a highly professional and reassuring manner, he asked focused, probing and powerful questions that helped me become more aware of the nature of my challenge, and of its possible impact on my organization. James offered keen insights, at the appropriate time, that were informed by his years as a senior executive in business. This lead to a number of action steps I then identified for possible implementation. I found James’ coaching to be effective, practical and results-oriented. I have no doubt that other executives will find his coaching to be most worthwhile. I am pleased to recommend James' services.  "

John Yates, President, Publisher & CEO, University of Toronto Press

" James has a very calm, reassuring and professional demeanor. I told him that I was confronting a number of challenges at work that I feared might severely impact my ability to perform at the level I demand of myself. He sensed my anxiety immediately and from the onset created a safe and confidential coaching environment for me. He asked the right questions helping me to explore and discuss with him the nature of the challenges I was confronting. As I work for multiple companies the balancing act of career and home life was being jeopardized. James was always attentive to my feelings. When he challenged me to see things differently, he always did so in a most respectful manner. Having been fortunate to participate in and directly benefit from a coaching session with James I felt that I was clearly heard and understood, without judgment. He was there to help me deal with my challenges and to reach out for a brighter future, including ways he knew would assist me in that journey. This was what I needed. He opened my eyes and showed me a new path to think about things, to make things better. James’ coaching was a most welcomed eye-opener for me! I heartily endorse his coaching skills and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his professional services to whomever may need them: executives, entrepreneurs, professionals. For a very busy career individual like myself, this was a life changing experience. And I am appreciative. "

Vera Cody, Real Estate Industry

" I found the coaching to be a very useful exercise. I knew it would be confidential and safe. I felt that James heard and understood clearly the challenge I wanted to discuss. He asked me a number of probing and insightful questions. His questions helped me become more aware of the nature of the challenge in front of me, identify possible solutions, and to move into effective and practical action steps. This was done in a span of 45 minutes. I wholeheartedly recommend it. "

Rick Wolfe, President, PostStone

" James and I worked together in the past as CEOs of ‘sister’ divisions of a large information company so I was eager to see how he performed in his new role as Executive Coach. Not surprisingly, working with James again was a real pleasure. His personality and leadership skills are well suited for helping executives articulate and realize their goals. His intelligence, sensitivity and compassionate curiosity made the process fun and thought-provoking. The result was practical and substantive – exactly what I had hoped for! "

Jane Butler, Founder & CEO, Vendome Group
New York City

" I went into my coaching sessions with James Bonar with no expectations of any sort; I had no real concept of how a business coach would deliver value. The experience was an eye-opener in two ways. One, the sessions literally opened my eyes: I came to understand issues that are important to my success, the steps I need to take to address those issues, the reasons for taking the steps, the impediments that I need to overcome, and the outcomes that I can and should expect from the process. The other ‘lesson learned’ concerned the value of coaching. Based on my experience, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the process to any executive who is challenged with driving growth and change – and I would especially recommend James as the coach to assist in that journey. "

Michael O’Neil, Principal Analyst, InsightaaS.com

" It is my pleasure to write the following testimonial on behalf of James Bonar. I met James a number of years ago, when we had the opportunity to work together on an advisory committee for a national healthcare organization. Over the years I have kept in regular contact with James and was delighted to learn he had begun providing an executive coaching service. As someone who is extremely busy and wears many hats, some clinical and others business related, I have little time to reevaluate my workload and commitments. By taking advantage of James’ skills, within 45 minutes I was able to focus on a number of areas of my business, clinical and personal life and identify possible solutions. Through a structured set of focused and probing questions, James was able to provide a number of keen insights that helped me to become more aware of the nature of the specific challenges I was facing. Through this exercise I was able to review the available options and identify practical actions and steps for the next 6-12 months.

The coaching was conducted in a safe and confidential environment in which James was perceptive and rapidly understood the challenges I wished to discuss.

I found the coaching to be a very useful exercise, and would recommend wholeheartedly James’ services to other executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. "

Alan Brookstone, MD, Physician and Co-Founder, Cientis Technologies

" James is a thoughtful and considerate executive coach, who has a keen understanding of business issues. I met James a number of years ago through several business ventures. Uniquely, I have found that he can not only 'see the forest through the trees' but also help align deep analytical thought with big picture vision and strategy. "

D. Wilton, Technology Industry

" I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Dr. James Bonar in his capacity of executive coach. I have known James for more than 15 years, starting when we were both involved in resolving a publishing industry challenge, and continuing through a consulting collaboration.

For some time I have worked as a consultant, and I contacted James earlier this year as I was completing an assignment that had absorbed upwards of half my time for the previous two years. The difficulty that I faced was rebuilding a substantial portion of my practice after this absence, as most of my past clients had drifted away. I was also uncertain whether this was the best course for me, or whether I would be better served by seeking another substantial and long-term project.

James discussed the various components of the situation, and helped me to identify a number of avenues with a view to, ideally, finding a solution or at least better understanding how I might arrive at a solution. This was done in a confidential session, and I found it reassuring and helpful that because of his senior executive experience, James understood the environment in which I operate, and the best ways of moving forward.

I can wholeheartedly recommend James as an executive coach to anyone seeking C-suite level guidance. "

Andrew Martin, Management Consultant; Director of Corporate Development, Borrell Associates

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