As we know, much of a company's success or failure depends on the performance of the management team.

Companies take a huge risk on the human side of the equation because they can't always predict how human beings will behave within an Organizational Behaviour landscape.

The Bonar Institute's Leadership Risk Mitigation Programs are innovative, leading-edge advisory services tools that we use to identify and assess the capabilities of leaders and their management teams.

  • Our methodology delivers guidance, unique insights, findings and recommendations to minimize management risk.
  • We identify and assess the potential of the company’s leaders to be successful today and tomorrow as the business grows over time.


We assess the management team to determine the probability that it will meet the performance expectations of the stakeholders.

Our Approach

We tailor our assessment process to meet the unique needs of our client.

  • Does the leader have the necessary leadership profile to be successful?
  • Does the leader have the necessary management skills?
  • Assess the gaps
  • Report our findings and recommendations

Discovery and Diagnostics

We conduct discovery and diagnostic sessions with relevant parties to identify and assess the degree of risk in situations facing our client and their organization.

We supplement this with appropriate assessment tools:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 360
  • Psychometric Tools


Present findings, guidance, and make recommendations.

Next Steps

Present findings, guidance, and make recommendations, including next steps, if appropriate. These may include:

  • Corporate governance and skills enhancement dealing with governance issues
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching and mentoring

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