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Foundational Purposeful Leadership Development

The Bonar Institute’s flagship Foundational Purposeful Leadership Development Program is designed for today’s business and leadership challenges. This fully customizable program will:

  • Elevate your leaders to a shared understanding of practical and impactful leadership mindset and skills
  • Enable leaders to be more engaged and effective
  • Empower leaders to raise the performance of others
  • Ensure that individual team member purpose is aligned with team purpose, which is aligned with organizational purpose

    The Challenge: New leaders come from different backgrounds and bring a range of leadership experience and skills; others have been recently promoted. How can the company transform this group into a cohesive and impactful mid-level management team?

    The Solution: Bonar Institute offers a 5-month Foundational Purposeful Leadership Development Program to meet this challenge. We customized the program to reflect this client’s culture, context, and customers.

    Every company faces unique challenges, which is why every engagement begins with a detailed analysis to clarify goals and ensure our proposed solution is aligned with your business needs and opportunities. We act quickly and efficiently to complete this first important step.

    From there we apply best practice research in adult learning, instructional design, and leadership development to develop and deliver your customized training program based on three core modules.

    • Defining Purposeful Leadership
    • Forging Team Trust for High Performance
    • Building Team Culture: Adaptable, Flexible, Agile

    Studies show that leadership training is most effective when combined with individual coaching. Our many years of experience demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. Coaching is the best way to identify and overcome obstacles standing in the way of success.

    The Foundational Purposeful Leadership Development Program includes one-on-one, customized coaching sessions between training sessions to reinforce learnings and integrate them into the participants’ daily work.

    The power of training + coaching


    With training only


    With training + coaching

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