They can because they believe they can.


- Virgil 

Addressing significant corporate challenges is often daunting. The Bonar Institute has established the following programs based on our experience with leaders and the best thinking on purposeful leadership to assist executives overcome even the most challenging situations.


We have extensive experience in Canada and the United States in senior executive roles in business and the non-profit sector, and as management consultants. In an economy marked by unusual volatility and uncertainty, we have a successful track record of helping to strengthen and reposition organizations that are facing serious and complex issues ranging from the ongoing viability of their companies, to changing corporate culture, to successful succession planning and executive renewal. We also help companies prepare for a future that is largely unknown.

  • Assessment of market potential and viability
  • Determining the potential of business opportunities and options
  • Recommendations for organizational design
  • Business improvement
  • Evaluation of senior management teams
  • Change management
  • Business unit reviews
  • Risks and capabilities assessment of management teams

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This innovative and interactive program comprises five modules in a fast-paced, exciting three-day workshop. It is based on 30 years of research and development in biology, psychology and sociology. Training experts and consultants offer a custom-tailored learning experience in a safe, relaxed and confidential environment. This program is offered through our associates at Groupe Metafor International, a high-concept/high touch Montreal-based Canadian Corporation serving the Global Business Community.

  • Use the language of competence
  • Learn to successfully resolve the most complex and perplexing problems
  • Discover new values, insights and beliefs that will guide you to become a conscious and purposeful leader
  • Develop new skills that will prepare you thoroughly for the unknown
  • Align your higher purpose as a successful, enlightened, leader with that of your company.

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We have particular insight into the human dynamics underlying practical business situations; we assist leaders to see beyond the ordinary, to identify new possibilities, and to embrace the potential for the extraordinary.

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