James de Gaspé Bonar

July 26, 2020

The Bonar Institute announcing relaunch and expansion of its consulting, training, and executive coaching & mentoring programs. This boutique professional leadership firm specializes in providing a highly personalized approach to empower and enable clients to become impactful leaders and visionaries.

The breadth and depth of risks facing businesses today cannot be overstated. The nature of work is dramatically changing, and the risks facing organizations are ever increasing.

The Bonar Institute is:
  • Developing its services to better serve the changing and evolving needs of its clientele 
  • Expanding the scope of its programs to become a leading leadership firm specializing in providing clients with nimble, personalized, and high-touch solutions.

"The acquisition and application of finely tuned and practical skills matter now more than ever. An organization's current situation is largely the result of key decisions made 24 to 36 months ago. At the Bonar Institute, we blend the science and the art of management to develop confident and flexible leaders who thrive in navigating change during times of disruption.” - James de Gaspé Bonar, Founder & Principal at Bonar Institute

A chief factor to the Bonar Institute’s impact with clients is that it understands the specific needs and objectives of each client. Its experienced experts listen deeply then design a roadmap for optimal performance. 

The mission of the Bonar Institute is to develop executives for effective management and purposeful leadership. The relaunch of the Institute is one more step in providing leaders the tools to thrive in today’s business.

James de Gaspé Bonar, PhD, CEC, PCC Founder & Principal

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James de Gaspé Bonar