Leadership • Success • Purpose Network Inaugural Event

James de Gaspé Bonar

June 18, 2017

The Leadership • Success • Purpose Network was founded on May 25, 2017, and we held our inaugural event in Ottawa, Ontario, on June 14th.

The aim of our group is to bring business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, business coaches and HR professionals together to foster positive, mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues and prospective clients. Participants at our presentation/networking events hear engaging talks on various ways to be successful and fulfilled by cultivating their inner purpose. They have the opportunity to share their experiences and to learn from colleagues. Our events are conducted in an organized, open and relaxed setting where we encourage participants to interact with one another.

Our inaugural speaker was Sandra Sweetman, an internationally acclaimed coach, mentor, workshop leader, author and colleague. She delivered a fascinating talk entitled: Take a Quantum Leap into Your Own Success.

We will be holding presentation/networking events monthly.