Covid 19 and Beyond

Devan Potter-Bonar

October 26, 2020

During the global pandemic, we are still offering our services to clients. We have already adopted robust policies to work with clients remotely.

Moving Forward

So many  of our clients prefer to work with us online or by phone, because of geography or convenience. So during the pandemic, we are doubling-down on our remote work policy. We have developed a new website and are continually adding features to make it easier for our clients and team members to better work together. We can share documents online and track goals and using services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet can work with you in the ways that suit your organization best. We also provide informative webinars to assist clients during this difficult period.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching the first of our integrated solutions. This new offering will assist clients in dealing with mammoth ramifications of the changes going on around the world during these turbulent times, including managing employees and client relationships during Covid-19; the increasing importance of AI in business management; and so much more. For updates, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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