Commissions-Based Business Development Executive Required

James de Gaspé Bonar

August 22, 2020

The Bonar Institute is a growing Ottawa-based boutique professional leadership firm. Since its founding in 2014, we have partnered with diverse forward-looking clients in the private and public sectors. In our work with executives, we have found that having the needed skills and a keen sense of urgency are required in impactfully managing complex crises and transformation. Leaders must reinvent themselves and their organizations to survive the worst and to thrive. 

The Bonar Institute’s value model is underpinned by providing clients with high-touch access to a multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual team of experienced experts and tools, which blend the art and science of management. Our passion is developing confident and flexible executives who excel in navigating complex organizational change?

We are currently searching for a focused and resourceful commissions-based Business Development Executive to drive business opportunities locally and nationally. 

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, contact James Bonar: or 613-404-8455