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Training & Presentations: If not now, when?

Training & Presentations: If not now, when?

The acquisition and application of finely tuned and practical skills matter now more than ever. Our personalized training programs are designed to blend the science and the art of management to develop confident and flexible leaders who thrive in navigating change during times of disruption.

Managing in Times of Abrupt Disruptions 2: The Path Forward

Running a business is predicated on two things: 
  • Making decisions
  • Executing the decisions made well

Creating High Performance Teams: Building With Trust & Respect

The nature of work is changing dramatically and rapidly. Exponential disruptive technological innovation and external forces, such as Covid-19 are forcing organizations to adapt. New skills are required to thrive not just survive.

Mindfulness Leadership

The fundamental tenets of a good leader are to have self-knowledge and to act through self-awareness. 

 Today’s organizational leaders face tremendous stress exacerbated by technology. Internet, e-mail and cell phones have sped communications and expectations for higher productivity - to do more with less - leaving people frustrated, tired and un-well. This cycle of stress impacts well-being - rational intelligence to be sharp to analyse and make sound decisions as well on emotional intelligence – the ability to manage self and lead to create a positive and appreciative work culture. 

Priority management imperative in a world of unparalleled disruptions

Unparalleled disruptions are the hallmark of the world today. How to meet urgent and previously unknown priorities that seem to exceed our capacity to manage? Successful leaders look beyond the momentous burdens that assail them towards the future.

Leadership is influence: One conversation at the time

The most successful executives lead through the power of influence. They inspire others to willingly implement their ideas.

Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders: Create awareness, purpose, competence & well-being

The Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders program is designed to equip all people leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be consistent, high quality leaders at their organization. 

Leadership Risk Management

A company's success or failure depends on the leadership, and at the heart of leadership are the human factors. Companies take a huge risk on the human side of the equation because they cannot always predict how human beings will behave within an Organizational Behaviour landscape. 

Managing in Times of Abrupt Disruptions 1: The Resilience Imperative

Most of the workforce in North America and elsewhere had to adjust literally overnight to work from home and all the challenges this created. Having adapted to this new way of working and living, the transition back to working at ‘the office’ will be no less challenging. 

Advisory Consulting Services

Advisory Consulting Services

The breath and depth of risks facing business today cannot be overstated. We specialize in providing tailored guidance and advisory services to organizations, executives, and entrepreneurs internationally. Our model offers a multi-disciplinary team of experts and tools, required to identify actionable insights. We listen and then design a roadmap for optimal performance.

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Imperative

Multiple business stakeholders require business leaders to address environmental, sustainability/social, and governance issues (ESG) as part of the way they do business. 

Managing multicultural teams

Teams increasingly involve leaders and team members representing multiple cultures.

Fostering innovation cultures

Organizations must create an organizational definition of innovation to benchmark efforts over time. The Bonar Institute can help organizations arrive at that definition. 

Personalized Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programs: One size doesn’t fit all!

Personalized Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programs: One size doesn’t fit all!

You can choose to supplement your coaching experience with an independent assessment of your leadership preferences, drivers, behaviours, and blind spots. 

6-Step Results-Driven Coaching: Impactful development and performance results

“I have had a number of executive coaches in the past, but at the end of the day they went nowhere. I need real, lasting results!” We have heard this refrain from corporate, government and non-profit clients at the Bonar Institute. 

Peer Coaching

According to one CEO, “all the challenges in organizations are not in the parts or the people but in the connections” and Peer Coaching is a powerful approach to build and strengthen these connections.

Team coaching: Create a high performing & cohesive team

A highly performing and cohesive team is always the ultimate competitive advantage. Team coaching empowers teams to get beyond the ‘stuckness’ that most teams encounter at some stage of their work together. It assists teams to deliver results and ensure that each member’s talents are serving a purpose. 

Sounding Board & Impactful Advisor: It’s Lonely at the top

Executives often lack an adequate support system. Many feel alone, isolated. Leaders value that we are grounded in the realities of current business culture.

Impactful Webinars on Complex Leadership Challenges: Stay ahead of change with forward-thinking insights

Impactful Webinars on Complex Leadership Challenges: Stay ahead of change with forward-thinking insights

Explore our information-filled and impactful webinars on leadership and expand your knowledge base. 

 Up to 30-min. topical webinars, starting with a 2-part series on The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). 
  • An 8-part series on innovation. 
  • What Is Innovation and Why Should We Care?
  • Innovation in the Age of COVID-19
  • Success Factors for Innovation
  • Public Sector Innovation

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