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James de Gaspé Bonar
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Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc.
C/O James de Gaspé Bonar
355 Lyon Street North
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1R 5W8

What are clients are saying...

Training & Presentations image

Training & Presentations

BI developed and delivered a blended training and coaching program for our company’s recently hired senior managers. The goal was to facilitate their successful transition into their new roles. The training comprised 4 components of Managing in Times of Abrupt Change, followed by individual coaching for the participants to reinforce their learning. This blended approach was very impactful, and we are considering repeating the program.

Senior Executive

Large corporation, Eastern Canada

Advisory Consulting Services image

Advisory Consulting Services

We engaged the Bonar Institute to identify potential risks posed by leadership of our company in the early stages of development. James Bonar brought to this engagement a wealth of perspectives and actions garnered through his many years of executive leadership and grounded in the realities of current business culture. His work was effective, practical and results driven. The outcome: Key risks were identified and dealt with.

Entrepreneur & Investor

Eastern Ontario

Training & Presentations image

Training & Presentations

I hired the Bonar Institute to deliver two training sessions to my staff on Managing in Times of Crisis:
  1. The Resilience Imperative and Managing in Times of Crisis
  2. The Way Forward. The training was very well received by the participants.
They found it informative, engaging, interactive and entertaining. I will recommend this program to my colleagues.

Senior Director

Large Company, Greater Toronto Area

Executive Coaching & Mentoring image

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

In a world of endless promotional hype, James Bonar, with his authentic style and aspirational approach, supports clients navigate complex challenges, and create novel and impactful solutions.

Clients who commit to working with James and his team at the Bonar Institute will not be disappointed!


Professional Information & Software Solutions, Multinational

Advisory Consulting Services image

Advisory Consulting Services

Value, insight, and clarity. Effective and practical. The Bonar Institute worked with executives in my organization to provide an effective roadmap to develop leaders for effective and purposeful management. A most worthwhile investment.

Business Executive

Greater Toronto Area

Executive Coaching & Mentoring image

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

I found the coaching to be a very useful exercise. I knew it would be confidential and safe. I felt that James heard and understood clearly the challenge I wanted to discuss. He asked me a number of probing and insightful questions. His questions helped me become more aware of the nature of the challenge in front of me, identify possible solutions, and to move into effective and practical action steps. This was done in a span of 45 minutes. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Rick Wolfe

PostStone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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