Purposeful Leadership Series.

Purposeful Leadership Essentials

One-day workshop, date, location


Leadership constitutes the greatest risk an organization faces, bar none!

The pace of change we are currently experiencing is unparalleled in human history. Leaders are all struggling to keep pace with the world we have created and are continuing to create that now has unlimited options and on-demand everything.  Today, executives face problems that typically have no single, right solution. The most successful concentrate on achieving a goal and purpose beyond, higher than themselves and the organizations they lead. Through personal transformation, they can transform their organizations, as well.


During this one-day workshop we will:

Help leaders to evaluate their notion of meaningful success in a business and personal context, and how it compares to that of the most successful executives. We will work with them in a practical and interactive manner to embrace the precepts of purposeful corporate success. This includes leading with social responsibility, environmental responsibility, fostering the strength of your team and being transparent. This often results in greater financial returns.


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is aimed at mid to senior levels of managers and executives, who are solid managers and run their teams efficiently and effectively. Many are not yet leaders however. They haven’t yet developed the attributes to be successful leaders who will lead their organizations to the next level of performance.


  • Introduction & Expectations
  • Understand the meaning of success:
    • In your personal life?
    • In your work context?
  • Corporate success vs organizational risk:
    • What does research tell us?
  • Identify key attributes of leadership:
    • Strategic vs operational?
      • Visionary, transformational, managerial…
    • Leader/follower?
    • Leader/servant?
  • Understand successful leadership:
    • Profile of successful leaders
    • Apply elements of successful leadership
      • Social & environmental responsibility
      • Fostering the strength of your team & the importance of transparency
  • Embrace the principles of highly successful, purposeful leaders:
    • Create for your organisation the “virtuous circle” of stakeholders
    • Identify and apply the necessary enabling components
  • Gain insight into the link between purposeful leadership & enlightened self-interest:
    • “Where’s the money?”
  • Wrap up:
    • Understand and embrace the premise that Purpose Leaders are the most successful leaders
    • Q&A
    • Review if participants’ expectations were met
    • Proposed next steps:
Dr. James de Gaspé Bonar, Founder & Principal of Bonar Institute

Dr. James de Gaspé Bonar, Founder & Principal of Bonar Institute

About the facilitator:

Dr. Bonar is a former CEO, Leadership Consultant, Certified Executive Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker. He has 30 years of experience in Canada and the United States as a senior executive in business and the non-profit sector, and as a leadership consultant and professional executive coach. He brings diverse experience in assisting executive and corporate clients. Dr. Bonar has particular insight into the human dynamics underlying practical business situations; he assists leaders to see beyond the ordinary, to identify new possibilities and to embrace the extraordinary.  He is fluently bilingual (English and French).


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